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App Development

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Gag out your own blueprint for us to concoct a piquant website with some professional touchups. All you have to do is subsidize according to the scheme furnished for you below and pan out with a Duchenne smile on your face of getting triumphant with our orchestration and your whacks. BASIC WEBSITE: Elect basic website if you covet to necessitate a static content with 300 MB space also with highly indemnified server layer for Rest 3,500. DYNAMIC WEBSITE: Glut you with dynamic content, 1gb space pretty much abundant for the photo transferring, also clinch you with highly protected server layer for Rest 10,000 E-COMMERCE: Assist you with good product updation training. 5gb space, 10 email, 24/7 succour and secured served layer for 20,000.


Graphic designing communicate visually, which deals easily with the problems of not understandable contents with the help of our typography, photography and illustrations. We also add visual compositions. Along with the graphic designing, we also dispense logo designing work done professionally which gives your company or institution a brand outlook and with our uniqueness in logo designing we make the viewers swipe right into your company. We oblige to sundry clientele on the cosmopolitan dais. BRAINCORR cadre of unco stalwart and prolific artificer with their orb for facets can be fondled as a bonanza for you to employ us. The distance between your endeavour and success lies in Rest 2000.


Internet Of Things or simply known as IoT is the future of technology. There’s a lot of noise at the moment about the IoT and its impact on everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way manufacturers keep track of inventory. BRAINCORR provides the perfect solution to the development of IoT based devices. At a glance, it may be strenuous to develop such advanced technology but BRAINCORR has a framework of very capable and skilled coders to help control your device from anywhere on the planet.

ERP Softwares

Enterprise Resource Planning is one basic step towards your startup. Think about all the core processes needed to run a company: finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and others. At its most basic level, ERP integrates these processes into a single system. Most ERP softwares are complex and difficult to cope with, but BRAINCORR develops more simple and effective ERP softwares.

Features Of Darwin

I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the moment. I never was a greater artist than now.


If you are scrutinising for social media boosterism ‘BRINCORR’ is the right platform to nitrifies your field with our promotion tips such as : 3 posts per week, +2 to +5 likes per week, shares ranging 5 to 8 groups per cost, 5000-3750 reach per cost, #hashtags, mag integration and other subsidiaries are provided as per client’s requirements. We also furnish good analytical reports for Facebook, snapshots of each post reach details, influence and suggestions of the providers. This scheme cost 8000 INR.


Corporate video ads are our other salient and captivating feature. Corporate video ads are an easy way to construct a good image of your company among the public. The ads help you to upgrade the image of the company which makes every user find a money worth substance in it. Visual projections are easily depictable and comprehensible when compared to other print media. Our specialities for corporate video ads are: 1. We create an optimistic brand image of the firm. 2. Delineate a good viewpoint to the mob. 3. Our ad creation projects a friendly ambience for the viewers to get focused. We complete our corporate ad works with good editing and scripting system that can be done for Rest 10,000 only. We also bestow our customers with basic ads same as the features of corporate video ads with some extra options of image slideshow, full HD projection which has 1 min duration. All for Rs 750 only. For eg: One of our well-known ads is = “FEEL THE BLISS IN EVERY KICK” –ad done for Rydell.


TV adverts are really a big task when its span to project them on TV is limited. But our company “BRINCORR” doesn’t see that as an issue to consider, because we have the efficiency to fulfil our customer’s dreams of clutching every viewer’s mind to make them fall for you intentions behind your ad. We fuel up the promoting duty handed to us by our customers, also exhibits details about your product or service in a detailing way. Quotations are our peculiar feature to allure TV addiction. Good video coverage, 4 k displays and the editing work are summed up for Rest 50,000 only.


All sorts of printing works are done by “BRAINCORR” and the price varies according to your requirements. Call us on 8893889955 to get your work quoted.


Stop wailing! if your company, restaurant or any of your institutions aren’t getting noticed well by the mass. Because here we are to solve such hitches. We help you to convey the complete details about your company in a nutshell form with our signboards and hoardings. Price value varies according to your requirements. Give us a ring on 8893889955 to get tuned with an accurate quotation to hunt your customers down.


Merchandizing is another way of promoting your goods and services by using a product to exhibit your company name or logo that is printed on a pen, cap t-shirt etc. This works effectively among people when you supply stationary things and t-shirts with your ad printed on it. Here too, the amount differs according to your requirements. Please do make a call on 8893889955 to get a branding quotation which allures the users.


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